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The present general conditions of hiring, together with the web request form sent to accept, supposing the contract between VANESSA ALVES RUIZ - ES26071865P (en adelante VAR ) and any user who realizes the purchase of a product or its registration or enrollment in a course (in adelante, el CLIENT ) through the website

When sending your request, you must activate the “I read and agree with the terms and conditions of the web” box, which appears next to the form. By checking this box, the CLIENT shows that he has read these conditions, declares that he accepts and expresses his consent to all the contents of the contract in the version published at the time of his acceptance, committing himself to reservations.

  1. General Contracting Clauses.

These General Conditions of Contracting are intended to regulate the terms and conditions in which the VAR will provide information on the PROGRAM / COURSE program for the CLIENT that has been formalized, in time and form and with full effectiveness, the registration fee is due. In the same way, the present General Conditions are the contract for the provision of training services that the CLIENT can subscribe with VAR with respect to the PROGRAM / COURSE object of the present.

These General Conditions will also be available to CLIENTS on the website

The contractual document that will govern the contracting of the formation of the PROGRAM / COURSE formation between the contracting parties is expounded.

The acceptance of this document confirms that the CLIENT:

  • You read it, understand it and understand it here.
  • That is a person with enough capacity to hire.
  • Let me take all the obligations out there.

Conditions present for an indefinite period of validity and in each specific case have the finalization of the PROGRAM / COURSE and will also apply to all contracts made through the website

VAR reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Conditions, without affecting the promotions that were previously purchased.

  1. Object of the Contract.

This contract regulates the terms and conditions applicable to the hiring by the training services by means of their enrollment in the formative action of the PROGRAM / COURSE.

These conditions are formulated in accordance with the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, for the reworked text of the General Law for the defense of consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 of 15 January, Minorist and Law Order 34/2002 of July 11, of the services of the society of the Information and of electronic commerce.

In order to formalize the purchase process the inscription, the CLIENT must mark the box of "Acepto las Condiciones Generales" that are contained in this text. The bookmark of the Client expressly declares that he has read and understood all the terms of the contract, accepting them without reservation. The contract will be formalized at the time of receipt of the request by the VAR.

Definition of the PROGRAM / COURSE . The PROGRAM / COURSE contracted consists of a set of presential seminars and webinar (online), given by the teacher assigned to the same, which, together with the contents of the PROGRAM / COURSE, relate and are explained in detail on the web

PROGRAM / COURSE Structure . The design of the PROGRAM / COURSE is essential and its modular structure, so much so that it refers to the contents as well as its temporal distribution.

The contents are distributed in modules or blocks, which in turn are subdivided into materials, seminars, signatures, all of them are obligatory and related to each other, and have been designed so that they should not be taken with the established sequence, as they assume the requirement of previous knowledge.

VAR reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, any necessary changes, being able to update and adjust the contents of the PROGRAM / COURSE as long as it is maintained and maintained the original finances of the PROGRAM / COURSE and with the purpose of carrying it out. better for the CLIENT.

Duration of the PROGRAM / COURSE . The ordinary course of the PROGRAM / COURSE will take place through classroom sessions in person and / or webinar (online) and will take place at predetermined days and times, at the discretion of the VAR and the duration of which will be determined in a specific way on the web www.

The hourly schedule may be flexible, at the discretion of the VAR, depending on the circumstances of the normal development of the PROGRAM / COURSE, so that the VAR may suspend programmed sessions in the event that the circumstances arise, as the VAR will consider the set of CLIENTS in relation to the set of CLIENTS. the greatest brevity possible.

In the event that a delay occurs in the PROGRAM / COURSE program, VAR undertakes to carry out the necessary management to expedite the program and asimism and will communicate it to the greatest extent possible.

In situations of exceptional strength such as the great strength, emergencies, the type that is, natural disasters, epidemics, etc ..., the PROGRAM / COURSE will not be suspended and will be reestablished in the online distance mode, guaranteeing VAR the planning and communicating to CLIENTS so they can keep track of classes / seminars.

Recovery of sessions / seminars : The presential seminars that if pierced by causes help to VAR the teacher, will not recover in any case. Asimismo, during the seminars in the podrán electronic devices for uses are used that differ from those necessary for their correct follow-up.

Language of the PROGRAM / COURSE seminars : The language in which the PROGRAM / COURSE seminars can be given can be Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Professor of the PROGRAM / COURSE: VAR he will designate the teacher for the different subjects to be taught, all of them being the reference professionals in the subject.

The professional profile of each teacher appears, for information, on the web

VAR, without prior notice, may replace teachers, temporarily or permanently, due to any internal reason. VAR guarantees to always act with the highest due diligence on sustainability, looking for qualification, category and experience of the young professors assigned.

Nevertheless, the structure, the action and the planning of the sessions are the sole responsibility of each teacher.

PROGRAM / COURSE in Webinar mode. In the event that the PROGRAM / COURSE hired by the CLIENT is in the webinar mode, this will have the possibility of accessing the seminar directly.

Asimism, in case the CLIENT cannot attend a class, he will be allowed to view the video of the same, which will be kept in his disposition for the duration of the contracted PROGRAM / COURSE.

The CLIENT recognizes and accepts that the webinar sessions are protected by intellectual property rights and expressly forbidden the copying, reproduction, distribution of all part of these videos.

The CLIENT is willing to comply with the technical requirements required to be able to access the PROGRAM / COURSE and that it has developed on the web

Modalidad Videos Formación . VAR offers through the website training services through the offer of different Video-courses / Video e-learning that have a limited duration and are organized according to their theme.

The Video Course / Video e-learning payment using one of the methods indicated on the web grants the CLIENT the right to view each training in a personal way as many times as he wishes.

By purchasing the Video-course / Video e-learning, the CLIENT will not be able to carry out any act of exploitation on them. In particular, it is not allowed to reproduce, distribute, transform publicly communicate Video-course / Video e-learning.

The CLIENT is willing to comply with the technical requirements required to be able to access and view the Video-Course / Video-e-learning and that come online.

Conduct of the CLIENT in the PROGRAM / COURSE: The CLIENT's behavior must be adapted and their communications with the rest of the CLIENTS, teachers and VAR personnel must be hacked in a language that is offensive and respectful.

VAR reserves the right to expel that student who repeatedly fails to comply with the basic rules of behavior and respect due to the teacher, compares the personal of the VAR to override the expulsion of the PROGRAM COURSE without any refund.

  1. Price and Form of payment.

The total price of the PROGRAM / COURSE is what appears on the web and the form of payment is as follows:

The CLIENT undertakes, by means of the firm and delivery of the form of this contract, to satisfy the relevant amount corresponding to the description indicated by VAR, as well as the total amount of PROGRAM / COURSE, in accordance with the terms established under these conditions.

The form is established upon an initial payment which will be indicated by VAR (the registration number). The rest of the full amount must be paid up to a maximum of months before the first PROGRAM / COURSE session. The CLIENT will be able to pay the amount of money through the bank transfer of VAR.

In no case will any of the payments made by the CLIENT be reinstated, even if you are in the hub that started the PROGRAM / COURSE, you will abandon your studies in any phase of the processes or for any reason.

Only in the event of suspension of the PROGRAM / COURSE will the CLIENT reinstate both the registration fee and the PROGRAM / COURSE.

4. End of withdrawal.

According to article 102 Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, as the re-merged text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users is drawn up, the Client will be able to give his DESTINY OF DESISTIMIENTO en un plazo de 14 natural days since the closing of the purchase formalization. The termination exercise will not be subject to any formality, as long as the Client communicates to the VAR his / her voluntary within the previous term, I could use it for the electronic mail. , from where it will be indicated the procedure to follow to process the return of the material or the withdrawal from the PROGRAM / COURSE. Expenses arising from returns or exchanges will be borne by the customer.

If the CUSTOMER hubiera initiates the action (PROGRAM / COURSE), such a declaration of conformity to art. 103, a) of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, for which the recast text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users is approved.

  1. Languages.

This contract is formalized in lengua castana. VAR will be able to translate the conditions, as well as the privacy policy, any other operational norm, political the procedure that could be published on the web

  1. Intellectual Property and Voice and Image Rights.

All works are included, contained and services that make up the PROGRAM / COURSE content, and are the authorship of the VAR teacher.

The total forbidden fall of the partial or partial content edited by VAR or for the information received in the formative action. The intellectual property rights of the courses, seminars, etc., as well as the rights of the image and the voice of the sessions, the ownership of VAR, which is therefore prohibited, its reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, even for personal and private use. Furthermore, it is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, distribute, publicly display or create work derived from information, the material contained on the website and / or supporting documents in the study or consultation, including for personal and private use.

Asimism, fall forbids the use of any method to reveal the duplication of the didactic or technological method for any purpose even included for personal or private use.

Likewise, the CLIENT gives in favor of VAR free of charge, as a consequence of the services contracted under this document, their image information corresponding to the group photographs that take place, in which the CLIENT may appear, if so desired. , by its exclusive voluntary, with respect to any VAR reserves the right to reproduce, distribute and communicate, through any channel the medium that VAR deems suitable.

  1. Personal Data Protection.

In accordance with the established in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of 27 of April (GDPR) and in the Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 of December (LOPD) both, about the Protection of Personal Data, inform the CLIENT , which expressly gives your consent for your treatment, that all personal data facilitated during the development of the academic relationship are partly part of a database of VAR properties. This personal information is necessary to execute this contract and will be treated exclusively in relation to the purpose of the object. Asimismo, the student expressly consents that his data are communicated to the public administrations that they require for the accomplishment of surveys, statistics or other subjects.

Asimismo, the CLIENT consents to the handling of his data to be informed of future courses, PROGRAM / COURSES, activities and to send publications of VAR that could be of interest.

In case of having a face-to-face PROGRAM, the CLIENT authorizes to inform his mobile phone number and / or his email address to the course delegate to create a WhatsApp group with the purpose of keeping him informed about classes / seminars . The same mode The CLIENT authorizes the capture of images in the files that it maintains in the framework of the maintained relationship, to incorporate them in our archives.

Authorization is granted in favor of VAR with free character. In no case will it be possible to determine an illegitimate intrusion into the fundamental outcome of the honor, personal and family intimacy and the proper image of the authorizing authority in Ley 1/1982, of May 5.

The CLIENT has the right to request access to their personal data, as well as their correction or suppression, the limitation of their treatment or the opposite, communicating it to indicating in the subject “Data Protection”.

They also have the right to withdraw their consent and complain to the control authority.

  1. Partial nullity.

If several of the dispositions of the present hiring conditions have been declared null or invalid by virtue of a law, of a regulation or of a firm decision of a judicial organ, the other dispositions will continue to maintain full validity and legal effects.

  1. Modification of Clauses.

VAR will be able to update one or more of the present clauses. In any case, the relationship with the CLIENT will be governed by the conditions accepted at the time of hiring the PROGRAM / COURSE. In the event that the CLIENT performs several contracts, it will always be governed by those in force in the last contract.

  1. Resolution of controversies and applicable regulations.

Any controversy that arises from the interpretation of this document will be subject to the Spanish law and the jurisdiction of the courts and the courts of the city of Barcelona, with the express resignation of any other person who could respond.