rose meditation

I'm glad you became interested in Rose Meditation as it is an amazing tool for cleansing and protecting -- as well as centering and uplifting -- our energy.

My dream is that we d learned how to deal with all of this since we were little. So it's up to us, adults, to learn to take care of this part of us and thus to sustain the foundation so that the next generations have access to knowledge from an early age ;)

With love,
Vanessa Ruiz


We are all "sponges" to a greater or lesser degree, in the sense that we are always exchanging energy with our surroundings through our aura, the field of energy that surrounds our physical body and that contains all kinds of information about us, in addition to being this means of contact.

There is an art in knowing how to keep what is ours and let go of what doesn't belong to us or doesn't serve us anymore, an art that can be practiced on many levels, including energy! This is where the 🌹 Meditation of the Roses.

Learning to clean and take care of your energy  has the potential to bring you more awareness of how you function, the patterns you hold and all that you are ready to release. In addition, of course, to having a beneficial effect on all other bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).

As you let go of what is not yours, you open more and more space so that your own light can occupy your body and manifest through it!


For those who want to learn simple and effective techniques for taking care of your energy, which can be done in 10 minutes in the morning/evening or used separately during the day.  [Average duration: 3h]
🌳 Ground your energy and bring presence;
☀️ Fill yourself with high vibration divine energy;
⚡️ Become aware of your energy field (aura);
⚔️ Protect your aura;
🌍 Connect with the energy of the Earth;
🌟 Connect with the energy of the Cosmos;
🗑 Clear energies that do not belong to you and /or no longer serve your evolution;
💫 Recover your scattered energy.

For those who want to deepen the care for themselves and increase intimacy with their energy field. [Average duration: 3h]
🚪 Create an internal space where no interferences arrive;
🏡 Physical Spaces: clean, protect, raise vibration and assume authority;
🌈 Cleanse the 7 main chakras and the aura layers attached to them;
🧼 Complete chakra and aura cleansing with a special technique.

For those who want to go even deeper in cleaning up old patterns and gain more autonomy in the field of energy. [Average duration: 4h to 6h]
🎨 Reality creation technique;
🧡 Clear energies from past relationships;
💾 Clean programs;
🔚 Clear external energies that enter and influence your field.


There are two ways you can learn Rose Meditation here on TdV:

  • On-demand groups: you can join 3 or more friends, family, co-workers and send us an email by clicking the button below, so we can create a special group for you :)
  • open groups: in this case, the dates will be published here on the website, on Telegram channel and Instagram profile