aura reading

Hi! You are here because you are interested in Aura Reading, right? Here is some information to help you in your understanding of what Reading is and what it is for. At the end is the schedule button.

Welcome to the universe of Aura Reading!

With love,
Vanessa Ruiz

WHAT IS AURA? It is the energy field that surrounds us. It contains information about our past and present, our gifts and potentials, as well as the interactions and relationships we have had throughout this and other lifetimes.

WHAT IS THE AURA READING FOR? Reading brings to consciousness the information needed to release the flow on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. It is a tool of deep connection with our essence, a very beautiful process in which each one receives what they need right now.

AND HOW DOES IT WORK? During Reading, images and messages surface with the aim of bringing clarity about the dynamics at work in your life in the present moment. The understanding gained from receiving an Aura Reading facilitates action and decision-making.


  • General Reading :: Provides information about general aspects of life, without focusing on something specific.
  • Thematic Reading :: A theme is chosen for further study during the service, such as: affective life, profession, a project, health issue, personality trait, life event, etc.
  • Relationship Reading :: We open the dynamics and spiritual agreements existing between couples, mothers/fathers and children, partners, friends, co-workers etc – for this Reading, it is necessary to authorization from everyone to be read.
  • Group Reading :: Understanding the current dynamics in family groups, friends, companies, departments, projects etc. It is possible to choose a theme. Example: friends can request a Group Reading for them on the topic of purpose in their lives, or on the topic of emotional relationships.
  • Project Reading :: Understanding the role of each person in the project and answers to specific questions about the company, project or department in question.


  • In person :: Only available in Barcelona (Spain). If this is your case, please contact us via
  • Online via Zoom :: Performed live, through a Zoom room whose link is sent before the scheduled time.
  • Audio Recording :: Made without the presence of the person being read, but with their permission – the audio is recorded and sent afterwards.


  • Complete Aura Reading 60-75 min
  • Short Aura Reading 30 min (only for those who have received a Full Aura Reading before)