esoteric talks, with crotalo sesamo

weekly classes & practices

spirituality, matter and life on earth in times of planetary transformation


As humanity, we are going through a unique moment. A moment of great transformation such as is rarely seen. If humanity depended on wars and great natural or provoked tragedies, today we are having the opportunity to do this revolution of conscience from "our sofas".

In such a unique period, our part is to be connected, actively working to support the possibility of transformation that is opening up before us.

Damanhur is a Federation of Spiritual Communities in Northern Italy, founded thanks to the inspiration of Oberto Airaudi, known as Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013). Falco was a philosopher, curator, writer and artist, active in the field of therapeutic research and new sciences. The knowledge passed down today by the ambassador of Damanhur, Crotalo Sesamo, is the result of spiritual research conducted by Falco and Damanhurian citizens since the founding of the community in 1975.

Throughout this online program to which you are being invited, varied and interesting topics will be presented based on Spiritual Physics taught by Falco Tarassaco, previously restricted to face-to-face seminars. It is a rare opportunity to expand our understanding of life on this planet through the unique perspective resulting from decades of Damanhurian spiritual research!


At 8am (Brasilia) / 12pm (Lisbon/UK) / 1pm (Rome/Madrid/Berlin)

  • Duration of 1h30
  • Offered in English, with Portuguese translation
  • Via Zoom platform
  • Classes will be RECORDED and made available to registrants who cannot attend live

The themes below are part of a plan that can be changed according to the social/historical context we are living in at the time of each class, or based on the group's own development.

CLASSES ALREADY TAKEN (recordings available for purchase)

You can purchase recordings of these classes. Just make the contribution corresponding to the number of recorded lessons to access them. Click here to purchase classes .

April 14 :: The Spiritual Meaning of Coronavirus [free class]
21/April :: Birth of the Universe and the Myth of the Mirror
April 28 :: Human Soul and Divinities

May/05 :: New Timeline - The New Future We Are Living
12/May :: Falco, Damanhur and the Temples of Humanity
May 19 :: Dimensions of the Astral Plane

May 26 :: Cosmogenesis - Illumination and Matter Evolution

June 2 :: Cosmogenesis - Synchronicity
June 09 :: Time Structure PART 1
June 16 :: Time Travel
June 23 :: Ancient Histories of Humanity and Extraterrestrial Civilizations

June 30 :: Synchronic Lines - The Planet's Rivers of Energy

July 07 :: Atlantis - The Golden Age of Humanity
July 14 :: New Grail Forms
July 21 :: Journey of the Soul and the Personalities

July 28 :: Use of Thoughts and Power of Creation

Aug/04 :: Divinities and Our Interaction with Them
11/August :: Operation Triad and the Reharmonization of the Planet's Divine Forces
August 18 :: World of Dreams
25/August :: Selfics and Spirals

01/September :: Inner Senses and the Perception of Reality
September 08 :: Spiritual Healing
15/September :: Time Structure PART 2
22/September :: Journey of the Soul and Past Lives

September 29 :: History of Magic and Different Interacting Forces

October 6 :: The Three Mother Worlds and the Different Interactions
October 13 :: Lemuria and Other Ancient Civilizations on the Planet

October 20 :: Magic of Egypt
October 27 :: World of Plants

03/November :: Microlines - The Energy Lines of the Human Body
November 10 :: Alchemy - The Base of All Magic
November 17 :: Magic Instruments - Spheres, Temples and Selfica Cabin
November 24 :: Selfic Paintings

01/december :: Structure of Time PART 3 - The Geography of Time (Castles, Islands and Cycles of Time)
December 08 :: Divination Arts - Tarot, Runes and Oracles PART 1

15/december :: Magical Places on the Planet PART 1
December 22 :: Spirals and Magic Circuits

January 12 :: Astral and the Invisible Plane
January 19 :: Pre-Atlantis Project - Changing the Future of the World
January 22 (Friday) :: Divination Arts - Tarot, Runes and Oracles PART 2
January 26 :: The Shadows of Shapes

February 02 :: Seven Scarlet Doors - The Path of Enlightenment
09/February :: Spiritual Exercises PART 1
February 18 :: Eight Practical Ways to Enlightenment
February 23 :: Spiritual Exercises PART 2

02/March :: Vajne Project - 600 Years in the Future
March 09 :: Magical Places on the Planet PART 2
March 16 :: Re-awakening of the Divinities of Humanity

March 23 :: Temple of Time March 30 :: Sacred Language - Archetypal Language for the Forces

April 6 :: 101 Wishes - Manifestation Technique
April 13 :: Magical Places on the Planet PART 3
20/April :: Hidden Parts of the Temple of Humanity
April 27 :: Weather Structure PART 4 - Weather Seeds & Satellites

May 4 :: Sacred Geometry - The Secret of the Pyramids
May 11 :: Magical Places on the Planet PART 4
May 18 :: Post-Death Rebirth
25/May :: The Mission of Every Life

June 1st :: Divinities: Relation to Humanity in the New Millennium
June 8 :: Mediumship, Channeling and the Connection to the Beyond
June 15 :: Power of Self-Healing & Self-Awareness
June 29 :: Art - The Divine Power Manifested in Form

July 6 :: Alien Intelligence and Its Relationship to Us


We feel that it is time to collaborate with balancing and raising the vibration of each one of us, and thus of the planet, so that we can truly sustain our role as agents of planetary transformation! Therefore, we invite you to another weekly meeting of meditative and spiritual practices, also based on Damanhur's teachings.


At 8am (Brasilia) / 12pm (Lisbon/UK) / 1pm (Rome/Madrid/Berlin)

  • 60 min duration
  • Offered in English, with Portuguese translation
  • Via Zoom platform
  • Practices will be RECORDED and made available to registrants who cannot watch live

Practices will be offered through a variety of tools, such as visualization, sounds, silence, etc. and the program will be fluid, defined by Crotalo Sesamo himself according to the needs of the moment.



CRATALO SESAME (Alessandro Zattoni) was born in Turin (Italy) in 1970. He graduated in Computer Technology. His first contact with Damanhur, at age 18, was based on his interest in Natural Medicine and Paranormal Ability Development. He has lived in the Damanhur Federation for over 30 years as a Spiritual Researcher, Spiritual Healer and Temple of Humanity builder. As a specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations and Inner Research, he teaches courses in Astral Travel, Past Life Research, Inner Harmonization and Selfic Healing. Other teachings offered by him are in the fields of the social, spiritual, economic, political and organizational implications of community life, and the relationship with the State, other associations and communities. He founded Mystery Schools and has taught in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina and the Emirates. In March 2016, he was invited to speak at UN headquarters on International Happiness Day as a representative of the Damanhur Federation. In 2010, he became coordinator of all Damanhur ambassadors. He was trained by Falco (Oberto Airaudi), the Founding Visionary of Damanhur, who prepared him to continue his alchemical art in “Selphic Paintings”, which he does today. Crotalo taught the first Damanhur Mystery School in Boulder, Colorado (USA), with courses in Astral Travel, Past Life Research, Ancient Civilizations, and Inner Research in Inner Harmonization, Selfic Healing, Perception Enlargement, as well as Contact with the Plant World.

VANESSA RUIZ , 36 years old, is the creator of the methodology life transition , which brings welcome, clarity and tools for moments of transformation, through individual and group care, lectures and retreats. Enthusiastic about the journey of awakening, she is a facilitator of Journey of Purpose & Prosperity certified by Florescentia. therapist of Aura Reading graduated from Escola da Aura and teacher of Meditation on the Roses (cleaning and energy protection). Graduated in Social Communication – Journalism, she was a sports reporter/ presenter for almost a decade and manager of digital content projects. Since the age of 18, she has worked with groups as a facilitator and speaker. Between 2015 and 2019, he lived in Piracanga (Bahia) as a member of the Inkiri Community. Since 2020, he has lived in Barcelona (Spain).