individual coaching

If you are interested in the Individual Life Transition Coaching process, it is because you understand the value of personalized support during important life transformations.

As your coach, my role will be to accompany your process by offering knowledge and tools. Our goal is that your next steps can emerge from the wisdom that you already have, but that you currently need to activate.

Schedule the initial conversation so we can discover together if this is the right process for you.

With love,
Vanessa Ruiz


We are beings in transition in a world in transition. So if there's one thing for sure, it's that everything will change in our lives... Several times. Here at Life Transition, we talk about macrotransitions, those that cover several areas of our lives, and microtransitions, when it is something that moves our current state a little less, but are still important. 

Through the individual process of Life Transition Coaching, you will have the opportunity to get to know the mechanism common to all of them (macro or micro) and identify where you are, and then receive the appropriate tools for the stage of the process you are in and move on.

Life Transition® is a proprietary methodology developed by Vanessa Ruiz based on the fundamentals of Coaching, which has two great goals: that you understand the process of transition and that you can assume the protagonism of your transformation.


For those who would like to dedicate quality time to their transition process, achieving solid results.

1 introductory session
6 coaching sessions
1 closing session 

Duration of sessions: approximately 90 min.

Includes online follow-up of doubts and commitments of the coachee between sessions.

For now you are clear about some points of your transition process and would like to receive accompaniment to carry out the transformation.

1 introductory session
3 coaching sessions 
1 closing session 

Duration of sessions: 90 min approximately

Includes monitoring online of doubts and commitments of the coachee between sessions.