life transition... transition of what?

Since 2017 I've been working with the theme and always in love with it! I'm talking about LIFE TRANSITION, a fascinating and broad subject that goes beyond career transition alone.

Yes, career transition these days is an issue that deserves our care and attention! But as humanity we are experiencing something even more comprehensive: a great planetary transition that involves, at the level of the individual, a value transition. And it is precisely the new look at the values ​​that move us that is affecting the conduct of our professional careers, and also our way of relating, the way we see the family, how we deal with our health (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) , our vision of who we are and more. That's why, towards the end of 2016, when I felt the inspiration to start this work, the name "transition of life" came with full force.

In this article, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the structure of work today! And, little by little, we go deeper together.

The path you will get to know below is the basis of both the retreats and the Life Transition workshops. The ultimate goal is to offer a way to deal with changes that can be used in any of the transitions we may experience, and which are many in a single lifetime. Therefore, the structure you will see below is also an interesting and constructive way to look at one by one of our transition processes, as they all go through each of the stages below:

Class of the sixth edition of the Life Transition retreat, which took place in February 2019 here in Inkiri Piracanga

PHASE 1 — Divergence: What is my question?

We start by allowing the personal issues related to your transitional moment, in the form of clear and direct questions, to surface. This process carries in itself the power to help you take steps in understanding what are the characteristics of the transition you are going through and the meaning of this moment in your life.

PHASE 2—Emergency: Making room for the new

This may be the most fun part of the process, but we usually end up suffering from it. The "emergency" space is the one in which the new will naturally emerge, but our eagerness to get answers and already enter into "convergence" often makes us stick our feet in our hands, jump to conclusions or suffer with external conditions. Sustaining high energy in the emergency phase is one of the great arts of transition processes.

PHASE 3—Convergence: My Transition and the Planetary Transition

In convergence, the field remains open for self-discovery, but we turn our attention to building a clear vision of the near future and the steps you would like to take, even though it is humanly impossible to predict the outcome of our choices with 100% effective. Feeling how true the fact that your individual transition is connected with the planetary transition is quite a force!

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